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Small Town History, Small Town Dreams

The Loudonville Farmers Exchange was incorporated on May 28, 1915 by C.C. Baldner, C.A. Heffelfinger, M.J. Sprang, H.A. Dahl and C.F. Heyde. There were originally forty charter members. Each member subscribed one share of stock at $25.00 per share. H.A. Dahl was President of the Board of Directors, C.F. Heyde, Secretary-Treasurer.

 The Levering Bros. of Fredericktown, Ohio came to Loudonville in 1909 and built the South Side Elevator. This elevator was purchased from them for $4,500 on June 15, 1915 by the Board of Directors of the Loudonville Farmers Exchange, and the elevator opened for business July 1, 1915. Later, the board sold the corner lot to the Loudonville Motor Co. for $500.00. 

Brown T. Craig was hired as the first manager for $75 per month. Mr. Craig did the office work, and the mill work was handled by two employees, John Harris and Burleigh Dill. John and Burleigh hand carried bushel baskets of wheat to the first railcar that the exchange sold.

In 1925 the Lakeville Equity operation became part of the Loudonville Farmers Exchange. The Lakeville branch was in service until the branch closed in 1996.

In 1927, The Equity began to grind and mix feed under our trade name of "Leeco." A truck was purchased for delivering feed to several retailers in nearby towns. This is when the Equity also started to haul grain and supplies for its customers. For several years around this time, there was also a truck in service by The Equity to haul livestock to Cleveland.

The elevator was then re-incorporated under the name of The Loudonville Farmers Equity Company in 1928, and the shares of stock were raised to $100 per share!

During the years that followed, a number of land purchases have expanded the mill size. In 1980 the Board of Directors purchased the present office building, in 1983 the Conrail Siding was bought, and in 1985 ground was acquired that is currently in use as the location for the pole building storage shed. The Equity purchased the Sohio lot across the street from the mill for additional storage in 1989, and in 2001, .9 acres were purchased from the canoe livery and a new pole building was constructed in 2002. In 2009, 10 acres of land were acquired from the Sprang family, and a new 70" x 300' building and three 60,000 bushel grain bins were erected in 2010 and 2011.

Throughout the years, the trend toward bulk handling of grain, feed, and fertilizer, has caused a change in the type of equipment that we now run. The Equity currently has over 80 pieces of rolling stock, everything from fertilizer spreaders, liquid fertilizer wagons, 3 John-Deer sprayers, and 4 no-till drills. In addition to the pull type implements, there are several trucks used for delivery of products sold. The Equity currently has 400,000 bushels of grain storage, 300 tons of bulk concentrate or feed storage, and in excess of 2000 tons of bulk fertilizer storage. Since 1978 total assets have grown from $450,000 to $8,800,000. Sales last year were over $16,000,000. There are currently a total of 230 shareholders.

Managers of the elevator include: B.T. Craig, George Heyde, H.A. Fombell, A.M. Heydinger, Deckard Scott Lozier, Albert Fisher, Harold Stover, Raymond Shultz, and the present manager, Roger Stitzlein (1978-present).

The Equity operates with 16 full time employees and 8 additional seasonal and part time employees. The current members of the Board are B.J. Rooks (President), Floyd Spreng (Secretary), Jim Croskey (Vice President), Tom Bender, and Steve Ayers.


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